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Office of Evaluation


The Office of Evaluation is responsible for providing centralized planning and management of program evaluation across SAMHSA in partnership with program originating Centers, providing oversight and management of agency quality improvement and performance management activities and for advancing agency goals and objectives related to program evaluation, performance measurement, and quality improvement.

Specifically, the Office:

  1. Develops evaluation language for Request for Proposals (RFPs), Request for Applications (RFAs), and other funding announcements to ensure a clear statement of evaluation expectations in the announcements;
  2. Develops and implements standard measures for evaluating program performance and improvement of services;
  3. Manages the design of SAMHSA program evaluations in collaboration with the relevant Center(s);
  4. Monitors evaluation contracts to ensure implementation of planned evaluation and provides early feedback regarding program start-up for use in agency decision-making;
  5. Works collaboratively with the National Mental Health and Substance Use Policy Laboratory to provide support for SAMHSA evaluations;
  6. Oversees the identification of a set of performance indicators to monitor each SAMHSA program in collaboration with program staff and the development of periodic program profiles for use in agency planning, program change, and reporting to departmental and external organizations;
  7. Provides collaboration, guidance, and systematic feedback on SAMHSA’s programmatic investments to support the agency’s policy and program decisions;
  8. Analyzes data in support of agency needs and develops evaluation and performance related reports in response to internal and external request;
  9. Utilizes SAMHSA’s Performance Accountability and Reporting System (SPARS) which serves as a mechanism for the collection of performance data from agency grantees; and
  10. Responds to agency and departmental requests for performance measurement data and information; and conducts a range of analytic and support activities to promote the use of performance data and information in the monitoring and management of agency programs and initiatives.
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Last Updated: 04/18/2024
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