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FentAlert Challenge Winners


SAMHSA is excited to announce the winners of its FentAlert Challenge, which took a bottom-up, peer-led approach ― with ideas for youth, by youth.

The Challenge sought innovative ideas from U.S. youth, age 14-18, to develop a community strategy to better educate their peers about fentanyl and fake pills ― and help prevent drug overdose deaths.

Congratulations to the winners, the honorable mentions, and our thanks to every young person who participated and is helping drive the conversation in their community.

Read the announcement.


Features a clip from each of the 6 winners.

NPW Kickoff

Announcement of FentAlert winners at the National Prevention Week kickoff.


Hear from Challenge winners.

The 6 Winners

The 6 Winners

The winners are listed in alphabetical order. View a playlist of the 6 winners’ videos.

A group of youth from Green Hill School came together, wrote a song, and shot a music video with a single focus: fentanyl awareness. The group tells a story, set to music, that helps reflect their personal experiences in their own lives, with peers, with family, and in their communities ― and the realities of life in an institution. Created in partnership with The Bridge Music Project.

Watch “Dark Road” Video (4 minutes, 55 seconds)

An innovative way to teach peers about fentanyl and fake pills, with a hands-on, interactive, engaging approach from Queen Anne’s County Drug Free Coalition’s Student Ambassadors. The team designed an escape room, including plans for: partnerships, an educational approach (the design, a storyline, a closure room to extend the experience), location, publicity, and budget.

Watch “Escape Room” Video (4 minutes, 45 seconds)

A game from Stanford REACH Lab Youth Action Board, in which players act as investigators, tasked with uncovering mysteries surrounding substance-related deaths or crimes. Each case presents a story inspired by real life. Players gather clues, analyze evidence, and piece together the puzzle of the tragedy.

Watch “Narcotic Nightmare Game” Video (4 minutes, 43 seconds)

An online campaign that creates a series of videos, posts them on social media, and shares to reach over 100,000 youth. Video topics include: fake pills (and the need to get medications only from a trusted pharmacy), emerging drug contaminants (like xylazine), the symptoms of fentanyl overdose, and the benefits of naloxone to reverse opioid overdoses.

Watch “Project FentaNO!” Video (5 minutes)

Students Advocating Fentanyl Education (SAFE) is a peer-to-peer organization that trains teen ambassadors to set up SAFE Clubs in their schools and communities (in multiple states). SAFE created a multimedia presentation, and trains other teens to deliver it to their peers. SAFE hosts free naloxone distribution events (as well as a teen-centered Instagram account), and partners with local and state organizations.

Watch “SAFE Youth Ambassadors” Video (4 minutes, 54 seconds)

Explores how videos can show (rather than tell), with engaging, animated visuals that: employ a unique perspective, get straight to the point, and capture the attention of teens and young adults. Encourages young animators to create short, animated videos that inspire trending topics on social media. Tips: know your audience (kids and teens are smarter than they’re given credit for), don’t drag out your video (get to the point quickly), and be creative (put a spin on people’s perceptions).

Watch “Show Don’t Tell" Video (4 minutes, 47 seconds)

  • “2 Grains” – Washington
  • “Among Us” – Michigan
  • “Beating Pills, Living Thrills: A Soccer Star’s Journey” – Texas
  • “Choices” – Massachusetts
  • “Dunk on Fentanyl” – Massachusetts
  • “Empowering Youth for Safer Choices” – Ohio
  • “The Empowerment Project” – Florida
  • “FAYN: Fentanyl Alert Youth Network” – California
  • “FentAlert Training Camps and AI App” – Virginia
  • “Fentanyl F*!#ing Kills” – Colorado
  • “Fentanyl: Not Your Friend” – Georgia
  • “Friends Against Fentanyl” – Delaware
  • “Get ‘High’ in School” – Maryland
  • “Ignorance Isn’t Bliss” – Indiana
  • “Know, Detect, Act” – Arizona
  • “Learning Saves Lives” – Virginia
  • “Let’s Fight Fentanyl Together” – Michigan
  • “My Pill Guard” – Virginia
  • “My Fentanyl Prevention Ideas” – Colorado
  • “Nothing” (art piece) – California
  • “PillPatrol: Stay Informed, Stay Safe” – New Hampshire
  • “There’s an App for That” – California
  • “The Uninvited Party Guest” – Massachusetts
  • “Vanden FNL Fentanyl: The Office Fights Fentanyl” – California
  • “Youth Uniting Against Fentanyl” – Tennessee
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