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CCBHC Certification Criteria


In March 2023, SAMHSA released the updated 2023 Community Behavioral Health Clinics Certification Criteria (PDF | 1.3 MB) in compliance with the statutory requirements outlined under Section 223 of PAMA.

Clinics and states are often on different implementation deadlines to come into compliance with the updated criteria, but most CCBHCs are required to come into compliance by July 1, 2024.

Until their implementation deadline, CCBHCs are responsible for meeting the existing 2015 CCBHC Criteria (PDF | 760 KB). See the summary of changes (PDF | 273 KB) and the redline edits (DOC | 181 KB) from the existing criteria to the updated criteria. The CCBHC Compliance Checklist (PDF | 631 KB) helps to ensure CCBHCs meet the required criteria.

These criteria establish a basic level of service at which a CCBHC should operate, and fall into six key program areas:

  1. Staffing – Staffing plan driven by local needs assessment, licensing, and training to support service delivery.
  2. Availability and Accessibility of Services – Standards for timely and meaningful access to services, outreach and engagement, 24/7 access to crisis services, treatment planning, and acceptance of all patients regardless of ability to pay or place of residence.
  3. Care Coordination – Care coordinate agreements across services and providers (e.g., Federally Qualified Health Centers, inpatient and acute care), defining accountable treatment team, health information technology, and care transitions.
  4. Scope of Services – Nine required services, as well as person-centered, family-centered, and recovery-oriented care.
  5. Quality and Other Reporting – Required quality measures, a plan for quality improvement, and tracking of other program requirements.
  6. Organizational Authority and Governance – Consumer representation in governance, appropriate state accreditation.
 CCBHC Certification Criteria PDF Cover


CCBHC Certification Criteria

The 2023 updated criteria for CCBHCs in compliance with Section 223 of PAMA.

Criteria Compliance Checklist PDF Cover

Criteria Compliance Checklist

This compliance checklist identifies the criteria required for CCBHCs.

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