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CCBHC Expansion Grants


HHS has supported the development of CCBHCs through the SAMHSA CCBHC Expansion Grant Program, which was established in 2018. These grants support providers to meet the CCBHC criteria and establish CCBHC programs, improve and enhance existing CCBHC programs, and to provide support for uncompensated care. CCBHC expansion grants are funded through the SAMHSA grant program. Some expansion grants are also part of their state’s demonstration program. SAMHSA CCBHC expansion grants focus on adhering to the CCBHC Criteria and meeting grant requirements, while emphasizing increasing access to care for those with serious mental illness, serious emotional disturbance, and substance use disorders. Originally these were two-year grants, providing up to $2 million in grant funding each year. In 2022, SAMHSA extended the program to become a 4-year grant program that provides up to $1 million per year.

In 2022, the CCBHC-E Grant Program created two tracks:

  1. CCBHC-Planning, Development and Implementation (CCBHC-PDI) for behavioral health providers to establish new CCBHC clinics that will be in compliance with the Certification Criteria within 1 year of award. Learn more information on the CCBHC-PDI grant program.
  2. CCBHC-Improvement and Advancement (CCBHC-IA) for existing CCBHCs to expand and improve their CCBHCS. Clinics must already meet the requirements for CCBHC. Learn more information on the CCBHC-IA grant program.

CCBHC-Expansion Grant Program Funding Announcements

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