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Resources for Providers


This research guide for providers has training webinars, brief reports, and more educational materials to help inform early serious mental illness care.

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Community Outreach and Education

Resources on identifying signs and symptoms of ESMI, outreach, and the development of referral pathways to help youth access services.

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Identification, Screening, and Assessment

Information on screening tools, assessment procedures, and how to discuss diagnoses with individuals and families.

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Financing Resources

Information on financing for ESMI programs.

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Treatment and Support

Information on evidence-based, evidence-informed, or promising models of care, fidelity, treatment, psychoeducation, peer and family support, discharge/transition planning, and engagement strategies for enrollment and retention.

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Other Areas of Need

Resources on the provision of service in rural and frontier communities, providing evidence-based and evidence-informed culturally and developmentally appropriate services, and coordination with other service systems.

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Last Updated: 03/18/2024
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