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988 Logo and Branding

988 Logo and Branding


The 988 brand embodies the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline's ideals and goals. Built on a concept of connecting with those who are experiencing suicidal crisis or struggling with their mental health, the 988 Lifeline brand primarily seeks to offer a sense of hope. We want that hope to encourage people to text, call, or chat 988 if they or a loved one are in need of support.

Used as intended, the 988 brand provides a cohesive look and feel across 988 materials.

This brand guide will be updated and expanded as SAMHSA continues audience testing.

  • The 988 logo focuses on clean geometry and simplistic typography. The ‘988’ element is boldest, providing instant brand recognition.
  • In both horizontal and stacked forms, the lockup is designed to mark 988 communications with the assurance of support. The lockup must be used without modification to maintain brand integrity and consistency. Care should be taken to provide enough contrast for lockup legibility.
  • The horizontal form should be the primary lockup used on all materials and webpages. Should space not allow for the primary lockup to be used, there is a secondary, stacked version available.
  • Always be sure to use approved logo files, and never attempt to redraw or re-create any part of the logo as each element has been carefully configured.
  • The logo is designed with a minimum clear space that is equal to the height of the “9” in 988. To create the greatest impact, allow even more space around the lockup. Do not allow photos, typography, or other graphic elements to enter the minimum clear space area.
  • There are three color versions of the logo: Black, Navy Blue, and White. All logos are available in English and Spanish.

Navy Logo (Primary): The preferred full-color variation to be used on light backgrounds. Color contrast should adhere to 508 accessibility standards.

Black Logo: The black logo can be used on light or colored backgrounds. Color contrast should adhere to 508 Accessibility Standards.

White Logo

Stacked Logo (Secondary Choice)

Changing the logo in any way will weaken its impact and detract overall brand recognition. Avoid using or adapting the logo in the ways exemplified below.

The 988 color palette offers complementary colors that speak of hope, calm, and reassurance. The interplay between contrasting cool and warm colors hints at natural emotional rhythms.

The primary palette provides the foundation of the 988 brand and in most instances, should be used for 70% of a graphic’s color treatment.

The secondary palette should be used to communicate emphasis. However, in certain marketing materials, the secondary palette may come forward as the main color treatment to best relate to the overall aesthetic and tone of the piece, so long as other core brand elements remain in place.

The tertiary palette consists of neutral colors that can be used when the layout requires a calmer, more neutral overall tone.

Note: Text color-contrast ratios should always comply with Section 508 accessibility standards.

988 Branding Colors

988 Branding Colors (JPG | 48 KB)

In addition, each hue is presented with two lighter tints for use when a color’s full strength is not needed.

988 Branding Colors

988 Brand Color Hues (JPG | 83 KB)

The two main typographic options, Futura PT and Acumin Pro, give a clear and approachable tone to 988 messaging.

Primary Font

Futura is a classic geometric typeface that delivers an inviting sense of structure for content titles, headings, and call-outs. Futura is also available as a condensed font and can be used in layouts where the primary version is not sufficient.

Available for download on Adobe Fonts.

Futura font

Secondary Font

Acumin is an equally modern, narrower sans serif face, which provides a clean and consistent feel for body copy and small legal text. Acumin is also available as a condensed font and can be used in layouts where the primary version is not sufficient.

Available for download on Adobe Fonts.

Acumin font

Tertiary Font

Urbana is a contemporary, naturally condensed sans-serif typeface with a friendly and authentic quality in the curves and unique touches of the letters. Urbana was designed keep high legibility in virtually all situations. This font should ONLY be used to add emphasis to key messaging or small call-out copy that requires a personal touch.

Available for download on Adobe Fonts.

Urbana font

Free Font Alternative

Nunito Sans should be used when the primary and secondary brand fonts are not available to you. Nunito Sans is a well-balanced sans serif typeface that offers a similar friendliness and structure as our primary brand font, Futura PT.

Available for download on Google Fonts.

Nunito Sans

  • The overall tone for 988 imagery should feel authentic, hopeful, thoughtful, and relatable.
  • Photos should be people-focused, with limited background distractions. 988 strives for photos that show an equal range of male/female/non-binary representation. When shown in a group setting, people in the photos should convey a feeling of support and encouragement.
  • Things to avoid in 988 imagery: Overly stylized images; people whose expressions are dark, emotional, or depressed; people with extremely happy or excited expressions.
  • See our National Paid Marketing page for examples of photography and type in use.

example 988 photography

  • Icons can be used to visually communicate ideas. The 988 iconography style combines outlined and solid organic shapes to create clear and approachable graphics.
  • On light backgrounds, icons should be navy with an accent color from the secondary color palette.
  • When used on dark backgrounds, the navy should be changed to white and lighter tints of the secondary color palette should be used when necessary to maintain 508 compliance.
  • The accent color can be changed as needed to any of the secondary colors in the 988 color palette in order to align with other assets in a layout.

Icon Examples with Accent Colors on Light Background

Batch view of 988 icons on light background

Icon Examples with Accent Colors on Dark Background

Batch view of 988 icons on dark background

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