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Prevention Resources and Events

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Talk. They Hear You.®

A national substance use prevention campaign that helps parents and caregivers, educators, and community members get informed, be prepared, and take action.

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A 10-minute screening to look for signs of risk in yourself, your child, or someone you care about. Find it on the free “Talk. They Hear You.” app.

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National Prevention Week

Offers a national platform for communities and organizations to showcase your prevention activities.

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SAMHSA’s Prevention Day

Learn what’s new and innovative in substance misuse prevention and mental health at this free, annual event.

Communities Talk to Prevent Alcohol and Other Drug Misuse Banner

Communities Talk to Prevent Alcohol and Other Drug Misuse

Offers resources (including stipends) to communities to host local events that prevent misuse of alcohol and other drugs.

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Prevention Month

In October, join us as partners in prevention ― fostering resilience in individuals, families, schools, communities, and society.

Prevention Campaign Resources

Prevention Planning

Prevention Blogs

Driving Under the Influence

It’s illegal everywhere in the U.S. to drive under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, opioids, methamphetamines, or any potentially impairing drug. This includes prescribed and over-the-counter medications. Even in states where marijuana laws have changed, it’s still illegal to drive under the influence of that drug.

Give yourself (and others) the gift of sober driving.

Treatment for Substance Use Disorders


Visit SAMHSA’s grants dashboard, to see our grants that address alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

Technical Assistance and Training

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