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What to Expect from Treatment


Meeting your care team

When you start treatment, be honest with the health care professional about what you’re feeling and thinking. They need to get a full picture of the problem to make the best treatment plan for you. It’s normal to feel embarrassed with some of the things you have to say or have a hard time answering all the questions. Remember, the health care professional is there to help you and works with people with these issues every day.

Making a treatment plan

Once they talk to you and take any medical information they need, the health care professional will work with you to make a treatment plan. Sometimes they’ll work with your family too if you need extra support—they won’t do this without your permission.

  • If you’re in an outpatient treatment program, make sure you leave the appointment knowing when your next appointment is and if you need to do anything before it.
  • If you’re in an inpatient treatment program, make sure you have your treatment plan written down that includes your diagnosis (what they’re treating you for), your goals, and the next steps.

Going through treatment

There’s no right way to feel during and after treatment. Some people may feel tired and drained or excited and proud. What’s important is that you’ve taken the steps to get help and will continue reaching out when you need support.

Giving treatment time to work

Depending on what you are going to treatment for, you may feel better in a few weeks or it may take a few months. Do your best to follow your treatment plan and connect with recovery support services, like support groups.

Fine-tuning your treatment plan

Sometimes after the first few appointments or days in a program, you won’t feel like the treatment is a good fit for you. Talk to your health care professional about this. You can give feedback that you would like to try a different medicine, way of talking, or that you think you should find another health care professional that better matches your needs. It’s okay to change to a different professional or program, but it's also important to give the treatment time to work. It can take a few tries before you find what works best for you.

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“I had a lot of anxiety before my appointment about the things I'd have to say. At my first appointment, I was reassured that I didn't have to share anything I wasn't ready to.”

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