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Stories About Recovery


Many people have worked to improve their mental health and manage their use of drugs or alcohol. You can explore 3 stories about people who went through the journey of asking for help, getting treatment and support, and feeling better. This journey can take a few months or a few years, with many ups and downs, but it is achievable.

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Max's Story

Max feels tired, sad, and stuck in life. And these feelings won't go away. As a non-binary young adult, Max isn't sure where to start looking for help.

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David's Story

When his back injury doesn’t get better, David can’t stop taking opioids. He knows he needs help but feels ashamed to ask friends or family.

Alysa Green Banner

Alysa's Story

As she tries to adjust to life after the military, Alysa needs support to deal with depression, anxiety, and alcohol use.

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Last Updated: 04/24/2023
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