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Notice of Funding Opportunity Application Guide


The FY 2024 Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) Application Guide provides detailed instructions for preparing and submitting your SAMHSA grant application. This guide is referenced throughout all FY 2024 NOFOs. Sections referenced in the NOFO will include a hyperlink that will take you directly to that information.

The Application Guide helps applicants to understand key parts of the application process, including the registration requirements, how to complete the required attachments, and prepare your budget. In addition, there is valuable information about federal policies and regulations you must follow.

If you have any questions about this information, contact the SAMHSA staff identified in Section VII of the NOFO.

Section A: Application and Submission Requirements (PDF | 535 KB)

  1. Get Registered
    • 1.1 System for Aware Management Registration
    • 1.2 Registration
    • 1.3 eRA Commons Registration
  2. Write and Complete Application
    • 2.1 Obtaining Paper Copies of Application Materials
    • 2.2 Required Application Components

Section B: Formatting Requirements and System Validation (PDF | 535 KB)

  1. SAMHSA Formatting Requirements
  2. Formatting and Validation Requirements
  3. eRA Commons Formatting and Validation Requirements

Section C: Confidentiality and SAMHSA Participant Protection/Human Subjects Guidelines (PDF | 535 KB)

  1. Protect Participants and Staff from Potential Risks
  2. Fair Selection of Participants
  3. Absence of Coercion
  4. Data Collection
  5. Privacy and Confidentiality
  6. Adequate Consent Procedures
  7. Risk/Benefit Discussion

Section D: Developing Goals and Measurable Objectives (PDF | 535 KB)

  1. Goals and Examples
  2. Objectives and Examples

Section E: Developing the Plan for Data Collection and Performance Measurement (PDF | 535 KB)

  1. Data Collection
  2. Data Management and Performance Monitoring
  3. How Data Will Be Used to Enhance the Project/Quality Improvement

Section F: Biographical Sketches and Position Descriptions (PDF | 535 KB)

  1. Biographical Sketch
  2. Position Description

Section G: Addressing Behavioral Health Disparities (PDF | 535 KB)

  1. Behavioral Health Disparity Impact Statement (DIS)
  2. DIS Related Terminology and Resources

Section H: Standards for Financial Management and Standard Funding Restrictions (PDF | 535 KB)

  1. Standards for Financial Management
  2. Standard Funding Restrictions

Section I: Intergovernmental Review (E.O. 12372) Requirements (PDF | 535 KB)

  1. States with State Point of Contact (SPOCs)
  2. States without SPOCs

Section J: Administrative and National Policy Requirements (PDF | 535 KB)

  1. HHS Grants Policy Statement (GPS)
  2. HHS Award Regulations
  3. Additional Terms and Conditions
  4. Performance Goals and Objectives
  5. Termination of Federal Award
  6. Accessibility Provisions for All Award Application Packages and Funding Opportunity Announcements
  7. Acknowledgement of Federal Funding
  8. Supplement Not Supplant
  9. Mandatory Disclosures
  10. System for Award Management (SAM) Reporting
  11. Drug-Free Workplace
  12. Smoke-Free Workplace
  13. Trafficking in Persons
  14. Publications
  15. Prohibition on Certain Telecommunications and Video Surveillance Services or Equipment

Section K: Budget and Justification (PDF | 535 KB)

  1. SAMHSA Budget Template
  2. Guidance
  3. Budget Cost Categories
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