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Brochures and Serials


Access brochures and serials that address substance use treatment issues for a variety of audiences.

The publications are designed for substance use treatment and service providers, professionals working in areas affected by substance use issues (such as the criminal justice system, child welfare, health care, and human services), clients, the general public, and researchers, among others.

In Brief

These periodicals contain information on the prevention and treatment of substance use disorders and mental illness that can be helpful for non-substance abuse treatment providers, including professionals from the primary care, criminal justice, and social work fields.

SAMHSA Advisory

SAMHSA Advisory bulletins provide behavioral health care providers and others with information on important issues. The bulletins also detail new promising research findings related to the health and well-being of clients with substance use disorders or mental illness.

Practitioner Products

KAP's Practitioner Products equip clinicians and providers with the necessary information, talking points, and data to provide culturally competent care for clients with mental and/or substance use disorders, as well as co-occurring disorders. Practitioner Products include titles such as Talking With Your Adult Patients About Alcohol, Drug, and/or Mental Health Problems: A Discussion Guide for Primary Health Care Providers.

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Last Updated: 05/09/2024
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