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For select products, KAP offers easy-to-access digital formats that you can load on your e-reader or other devices.

People Recover Comic Book Cover Page

This comic book tells the story of people living with co-occurring disorders. It presents a hopeful message that people living with mental and/or substance use disorders do recover. It also provides resources for more information.


Quick Guide for Clinicians Cover
This quick guide helps clinicians address the specific needs of women living with substance use disorders. It reviewed gender-specific research and best practices—such as common patterns of use—and specific screening and treatment strategies.

This quick guide helps administrators of substance use treatment facilities implement programs and services that address patterns of use and the drug screening and treatment needs of women living with substance use disorders.

This guide provides practical information to clinicians and other professional care providers who treat women living with substance use disorders. It addresses risk factors, mental illness and substance use screening, patient assessment, treatment, and relapse.

Additional Formats

Additional Formats

KAP e-books are available in two standard formats:

  • EPUB is a widely supported format for digital publications across many platforms. You can open and read EPUB files on some e-readers or with an application (app) that is a compatible with your tablet, phone, or computer.
  • MOBI is another common format for e-books. You can read MOBI files on an Amazon Kindle e-reader or download a MOBI reader or app that is compatible with your device.

Find the full range of KAP products: Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP) Series.

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