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Native Connections

Native Connections

Native Connections is a five-year grant program that helps American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) communities identify and address the behavioral health needs of Native youth.

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For the full list of Native Connections grantees, view the Native Connections Briefing Sheet (PDF | 2.5 MB).

About the Native Connections Grant Program

The Native Connections grant program supports grantees in:

  • Reducing suicidal behavior and substance use among Native youth up to age 24
  • Easing the impacts of substance use, mental illness, and trauma in tribal communities
  • Supporting youth as they transition into adulthood

By October 2023, SAMHSA had awarded 302 five-year grants to eligible AI/AN entities. Twenty Cohort 1 grantees graduated from the grant in 2019, 69 Cohort 2 grantees graduated in 2021, 13 Cohort 3 grantees graduated in 2022, 45 Cohort 4 grantees graduated in 2023, 26 Cohort 5 grantees are entering their fifth year, 40 Cohort 6 grantees are entering their fourth year, 29 Cohort 7 grantees are entering their third year, and 12 Cohort 8 grantees are entering their second year. Forty-eight communities were awarded grants in 2023, composing Cohort 9. Each Native Connections grantee will be guided through a process aimed at accomplishing the goals of the grant. This process will be informed by the public health model, and a community coalition of stakeholders, which will include youth. Any future opportunities will be posted on SAMHSA's Grant Announcements and Awards page.

For the full list of Native Connections grantees, view the Native Connections Briefing Sheet (PDF | 2.5 MB).


Native Connections webinars guide grantees on how to assess community readiness, develop strategic action plans, and more. Access the webinars.

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Review guides, tools, and other resources to support Native youth development efforts. Access publications and resources.

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