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Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW)


Millions of Americans are living with a mental health condition — mental illness affects everyone directly or indirectly through family, friends, neighbors or coworkers. During the first week of October (October 1—October 7, 2023), SAMHSA recognizes Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW) to raise awareness about mental health and provide support and treatment options for mental health conditions.

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Post Copy - All Platforms: This week is Mental Illness Awareness Week (Oct. 1-Oct. 7). Help raise awareness about the importance of mental health, and getting support and treatment for mental illness: #MIAW

Post Copy - Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram: It’s Mental Illness Awareness Week. Mental illness can interfere with a person’s life and ability to function. With support and treatment, it is possible for people living with a mental health condition to overcome challenges and lead a meaningful, productive life in recovery. Learn more: #MIAW

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Post Copy Option 1 - All Platforms: Mental health conditions do not discriminate. This Mental Illness Awareness Week, check in on your well-being and the well-being of others. #MIAW

Post Copy Option 2 - All Platforms: It's Mental Illness Awareness Week. Let's all help break down the stigma surrounding mental illness and support our friends, family, and loved ones when it comes to overcoming mental health challenges. #MIAW

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Post Copy - All Platforms: Oct. 1-8 is Mental Illness Awareness Week. It was established to educate & increase awareness about mental illness. To those managing a mental health condition:   You are not alone You are loved  Help is available Give strength You can get through this #MIAW

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Post Copy Option 1 - All Platforms: Mental illnesses are disorders that can affect a person’s thinking, mood or behavior. These early warning signs and symptoms can help determine if you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health condition. Learn more & get support: #MIAW

Post Copy Option 2 - All Platforms: Anyone can experience mental health challenges. This Mental Illness Awareness Week is an opportunity to educate and bring awareness to the realities of mental illness. We can support each other when we normalize these conversations at work and at home. #MIAW

Post Copy Option 3 - All Platforms: It's Mental Illness Awareness Week, and we want to remind everyone how important it is to prioritize your mental health. If you are living with a mental illness and need extra emotional support, the 988 Lifeline is available, 24/7/365. Call or text 988.

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Post Copy - All Platforms: With early and consistent treatment, it’s possible to lead productive lives and live well with mental health conditions. There are tools, evidence-based treatments and social support systems that can help. Here are some tips for living well with a mental health condition: #MIAW

Post Copy - All Platforms: Having a mental health condition can disrupt relationships and make it hard to work, keep up with school, and more. With support and treatment, it’s possible to live well with these conditions. Some of these tips and strategies include: #MIAW

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