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Voices of Youth. Illustration of a person standing outside speaking through a bullhorn.

Voices of Youth

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Youth and young adults are powerful agents of change for substance use prevention. SAMHSA’s youth engagement initiatives aim to:

  • Give youth and young adults a voice and platform to inform and influence the development of substance use prevention programs that speak to them and meet them where they are;
  • Engage young people in peer activities that educate and empower them to make good choices about alcohol and drugs, and their future; and
  • Provide opportunities for youth and young adults to develop leadership skills and learn about careers in prevention and other behavioral health fields.

For more information about SAMHSA’s youth engagement initiatives, contact Courtney Esparza, Public Health Advisor and Youth Engagement Lead, at

Upcoming Events

HOSA’s International Leadership Conference is the highlight of the year for every HOSA member and advisors and includes:

  • Competitive events focused on leadership, professional and technical skills
  • The annual business of the international student organization of HOSA by the voting delegates Educational Seminars
  • Workshops & Exhibits presented by professional partners that provide Information about current health care issues
  • An opportunity to meet people from across the globe with similar career goals
  • Exciting general sessions providing recognition and opportunity for all HOSA members!

George R. Brown Convention Center
1001 Avenida de las Americas
Houston, Texas 77010

Get more information on HOSA's International Leadership Conference

A youth-led day of action to engage youth in conversations that inform SAMHSA outreach, programs, and priorities, and engage youth as leaders in their communities to amplify SAMHSA’s impact.

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Resources for Youth

Get free tip sheets, flyers, publications, and mobile apps about substance misuse, mental health, and other related topics!

Find Resources for Middle School Youth. A group of middle-school-aged children posing for a picture Find Resources for High School Youth. A group of high school students walking in a school hallway Find Resources for Young Adults. A group of young adults posing for a picture

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Social Media

SAMHSA Youth Voices Panel: Self-Love, Wellness, Prevention Webinar

Hear from SAMHSA’s youth leaders about how they practice self-care, promote their well-being, and respect themselves to make decisions that are good for them. Get ideas to take action in your own community.


Group of young people smiling. #MyPreventionStory

Take part in #MyPreventionStory as a way to get involved in National Prevention Week!

Use the hashtag on social media and share how and why you are helping to prevent substance misuse, taking care of your mental health, and helping others do the same.

SAMHSA Pinkie Promise

Take the SAMHSA Pinkie Promise as a pledge to yourself and your friends to take care of your well-being:

  • I will respect myself and will make decisions that are good for me.Illustration of two hands with their pinky fingers intertwined. SAMHSA Voices of Youth.
  • I won’t let drug and alcohol use change or control my plans or my path for the future.
  • I will spread the word that any drug ingested that doesn’t come from a reputable pharmacy could be a fake pill or contaminated with another substance that is often fatal.
  • I will participate in healthy hobbies or other activities that I enjoy and that connect me with friends and mentors.

Take pictures of yourself and your friends doing the pinkie promise, or with a pinkie promise graphic, and post to your social media, or send them to Courtney Esparza, SAMHSA’s Youth Engagement Lead.

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