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Why Your Child Might Start Drinking

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Some children may experiment with alcohol as they approach their teen years and begin to experience many emotional and physical changes.

Why Your Child Might Start Drinking

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When children worry about things like grades, fitting in, and physical appearance, they may use alcohol as a way to escape their problems.

What You Can Do: Encourage your child to get involved in sports or other extracurricular activities as a healthier way to cope with his or her problems.

Peer Pressure

The age range between 11 and 18 is an impressionable period when youth are especially susceptible to outside influences such as peers, family members, and the media.

What You Can Do: Help boost your child’s confidence by helping him or her learn different ways to say “no” and reminding him or her that real friends would not pressure him or her to drink.


Life events such as transitioning from middle school to high school, breaking up with a significant other, moving, or divorce can cause children to turn to alcohol.

What You Can Do: Reassure your child that things will get easier, and make sure he or she knows that drinking is not a solution.

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