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Learn more about Screen4Success, a user-friendly screening tool that provides support through a better understanding of personal health, wellness, and well-being.

  • Screening for Health, Wellness, and Well-being

    How do you know if you, your child, or someone you care about needs more support, and where do you go to find it? Brought to you by the “Talk. They Hear You.”® campaign, Screen4Success is a user-friendly screening tool for you and those you care about. Specifically, it provides a better understanding of personal health, wellness, and well-being and helps you find resources to address concerns.

  • Find support with Screen4Success!

    Do you have concerns about the health, wellness, and well-being of yourself, your child, or someone you care about? If so, Screen4Success provides a 10-minute screener that will look for signs of elevated risk and help you find support to address any concerns. The Resources section will provide local and national services and supports that are available.

  • How does Screen4Success work?

    Screen4Success is a quick and easy way to identify areas where someone may benefit from more support. It also provides local and national resources to help address those concerns. You can use the tool for self-screening, or you can send it to someone you are concerned about. You can also help that person fill out the screener—this provides opportunities for discussion in the moment—or they can complete it on their own if that’s not possible.

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    How do I access Screen4Success?

    You can access it on your mobile device through the “Talk. They Hear You.” campaign mobile app. Download this mobile app for free on the App Store, Google Play, and the Microsoft Store. You can find Screen4Success by selecting the Screening button from the app’s main navigation.

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