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Broad Training and Technical Assistance

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Broad training and technical assistance (TTA) is available to all federally recognized tribes, other tribal nations, and rural and urban organizations that serve Native communities.

Elements of Broad TTA

TTA is any assistance provided to increase knowledge, build community capacity, and enhance systems. Broad TTA includes training and events, virtual gatherings, and other kinds of assistance. The Tribal TTA Center uses the Strategic Cultural Framework to guide our work.

Gathering of Native Americans/Gathering of Alaska Natives

Gathering of Native Americans/Gathering of Alaska Natives (GONA/GOAN) is a Native-specific community prevention and strategic planning curriculum developed in the early 1990s by SAMHSA in partnership with American Indian and Alaska Native behavioral health experts. The GONA/GOAN has been used in a wide range of settings to move communities toward healing and to address issues related to planning and prevention. The curriculum facilitates community engagement by using the four themes of Belonging, Mastery, Interdependence, and Generosity. It sets the foundation for community prevention planning in a way that is culturally appropriate, and is also used to guide community discussions, support healing from historical trauma, and enhance local prevention capacity and efforts.

Learning Communities

Learning Communities allow participants to gather virtually through webinar series on important topics related to mental and substance use disorders, suicide prevention, and mental health promotion. These events provide an opportunity to talk, teach, share materials, and inspire each other as participants engage and learn from each other’s backgrounds and experiences. Audiences throughout Indian Country are invited to attend these free broadcasts. Past themes and specific topics have included:

  • GONA/GOAN – How does my community plan a GONA or GOAN? What are the next steps?
  • Two Spirit – What challenges do American Indian and Alaska Native Two Spirit tribal members face in regard to health care, confidentiality issues, and access to resources?
  • Youth Wellness – How can we promote behavioral health and wellness education for youth in Indian Country?

Learning Community webinars are recorded for future use and can be found on the Tribal TTA Center’s Webinars page.

Tribal Action Plan Development

Under the Indian Alcohol and Substance Abuse Act of the Tribal Law and Order Act Amendments of 2010, the Tribal TTA Center can provide TTA to tribes as they develop Tribal Action Plans (TAPs) for their communities. Learn more about TTA for TAP development.

Technical Assistance

The Tribal TTA Center also provides technical assistance to qualifying communities for a range of topics relating to substance use, suicide prevention, and promoting community wellness. Other example topics are strategic planning and youth engagement.

The Broad TTA Process

Broad TTA is offered at no expense to federally recognized tribes. The following steps outline how to request and receive Broad TTA services.

1. Initiate a Request

A request begins by contacting the Tribal TTA Center through any one of the following methods:

2. Intake Call

After your request is reviewed, you will be contacted by a Tribal TTA Center staff member. The intake call will determine your TTA needs and what will best work for your program and community. During this call, we will discuss your TTA needs and what will best work for your program and community. We offer onsite and Web-based TTA, and have a large consultant pool of American Indian and Alaska Native expert trainers available.

3. SAMHSA Approval

Once we have details about the TTA you need, we request approval from SAMHSA to move forward with training or an event.

4. Planning Process

Upon receiving SAMHSA approval, we hold a series of calls between community members and Tribal TTA Center staff to set expectations, identify consultants, and decide on other logistics.

5. Event

Tribal TTA Center staff and consultants join the community for the event.

6. Follow Up

Tribal TTA Center staff will contact the tribe or community no later than 6 months following the training or event for follow up.

For more information, contact the Tribal TTA Center at 1-800-953-1379 or

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