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SAMHSA's Division of Workplace Programs (DWP) oversees programs to eliminate illicit drug use in federal workplaces and helps all workplaces become drug-free.

The History of Drug-Free Workplace Programs

Learn about the background, initiation, and establishment of The Federal Drug-Free Workplace Program.

What does DWP do?

DWP performs regulatory, knowledge development, and technical assistance roles for federal and federally regulated workplaces in relation to their drug-free workplace policies and programs.

DWP is mandated to:

  1. Oversee federal drug-free workplace programs, which aim to eliminate illicit drug use in federal workplaces
  2. Oversee the National Laboratory Certification Program, which certifies laboratories to conduct forensic drug testing for federal agencies and federally regulated industries

Federal Workplace Programs

Federal drug-free workplace programs are comprehensive programs to address illicit drug use by federal employees. SAMHSA's Federal Drug-free Workplace Program certifies executive branch agencies' Drug-Free Workplace Plans and identifies safety-sensitive positions subject to random drug testing.

Review the Acronyms and Term of Art (PDF | 151 KB).

Specific Federal Drug-Free Workplace Programs

Non-federal Workplaces

DWP is responsible for non-regulatory development, implementation, and sharing information about how to introduce, manage, and evaluate evidence-based drug-free programs for all workplaces.

DWP provides a variety of resources and techniques for addressing substance misuse in workplaces. The Drug-Free Workplace Toolkit provides information to help employers develop and sustain successful drug-free workplace programs.

Drug Testing Advisory Board

The Drug Testing Advisory Board (DTAB) provides advice to SAMHSA on its drug-testing activities and laboratory certification program.

The Drug-Free Workplace Helpline

The SAMHSA Drug-Free Workplace Helpline provides confidential, practical, impartial, and up-to-date information, advice, and support free of charge to employees and their families. Topics cover a wide range of issues related to federal and non-federal Drug-Free Workplace Programs and drug testing.

This service is designed to equip employees and their families with essential knowledge to resolve substance misuse and drug testing issues at work and/or in their personal lives. The helpline is staffed Monday through Friday.

Contact the Helpline

Toll-free number and email:

Contact the Division of Workplace Programs

Edward H. Jurith Drug-Free Workplace Program Award

The Edward H. Jurith Drug-Free Workplace Program Award for excellence in Drug-Free Workplace Programs. The award was created in 2015 in honor of the late Mr. Jurith and his influential roles in United States and international drug control policy. The award recognized excellence in federal agency Drug-Free Workplace Program implementation. View the Jurith Award Flyer (PDF | 396 KB).

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